Individual systems available on request.

The micfil bag filter removes coarse impurities in large quantities from an oil/fuel system up to a maximum of 20 µm.

The micfil bag filter consists of a stainless VA steel housing. Dirt particles remain in a filter bag and can then be easily removed from the system circuit. Due to the enormous capacity of the filter, up to 10 kg of impurities can be collected, depending on the size of the housing, before the filter has to be changed.

The micfil bag filter is not a replacement for micfil ultra fine filters but serves as a supplementary/pre-filter. The micfil bag filter is also available as a double/triple system or bulk system for higher flow rates and dirt capacities.

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  • Filtration down to 20 μm
  • Also available for high flow rates
  • Long filter life
  • High dirt absorption capacity
  • Easy to change elements