The micfil ECO systems are fully automated fuel cleaning system.

The units remove sludge, water, contaminants and keep the fuel tanks free from micro-organisms. Our micfil ECO system consists of the following components: 1 x prefilter at 10 μm, digital programmable timer, time controlled pump and micfil ultra fine filter.

The ultra fine filter will be able to keep your fuel free of particles down to 0.5 μm and free of water. The system will restore the diesel to a clean bright condition at all times.

The micfil ECO system with 0.5 μm filtration and water block filter are guaranteed to reduce injector and fuel pump failure and approximately 40% of carbon residue in the air. The System maintains fuel cleanliness in the tank at all times. Optional extra components and features can be fitted to special requirements, for example: APEX.


  • Fully automated fuel cleaning system
  • Removes sludge and water
  • Keeps the tanks free from contaminants
  • Reduces injector and pump failure
  • Reduces downtime
  • Easy maintenance of tanks
  • For high flow rates
  • Removes approx. 98% of all bacteria

Not suitable for liquids that have a flash point below 38°C.