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Industrial and commercial enterprises around the world, including the oil, gas, marine, mining, manufacturing, transportation and military industries, spend billions of dollars each year to protect and maintain their painted facilities and equipment against corrosion, chemical attack, moisture, abrasion, atmospheric changes, UV radiation, extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

These are critical factors in the fight against oxidation, fading, surface wear, and ultimately corrosion, resulting in a constant, costly maintenance cycle of repair and repaint.

Truck - BEFORE treatment with micfil ToughGuard-NHP

Before treatment with micfil ToughGuard-NHP

Truck - AFTER treatment with micfil ToughGuard-NHP

Renewed paint surface with micfil ToughGuard-NHP

Framework - BEFORE treatment with micfil ToughGuard-NHP

Before treatment with micfil ToughGuard-NHP

Framework - AFTER treatment with micfil ToughGuard-NHP

Renewed paint surface with micfil ToughGuard-NHP

The top coat or clear coat forms the “first defence line” for all painting and coating systems.

However, the corresponding technology has not really evolved over the last decades and is still based on the same linear 2D cross-linking technology. This guarantees regular revenues for painting and coating companies at the expense of equipment owners through premature failure of painting and coating systems.

There is now an innovative and unique solution to this problem.

micfil ToughGuard-NHP (Nano Hybrid Polyurethane), was developed in the last ten years and complements the existing filters and product suite.

It is a moisture-curing, multifunctional 1K/one-component product (no additional hardener or thinner required) manufactured from proprietary 3D polymers. These provide an unprecedented molecular crosslinking structure in the paint and varnish industry, providing unrivalled protection to prevent the constant repair and repainting of equipment in advance.

NHP is the only industrial coating that restores and extends the life of “fresh” or “oxidized” painted surfaces by more than 10 years.

NHP penetrates deeply into the pores of painted base coats to improve colour, gloss retention, surface hardness and UV light resistance.

NHP provides extreme protection against chemical spills, abrasion, salt and moisture in a variety of weather conditions and climates in an easy-to-use product solution.

Simply put, if you’re serious about reducing your labor, product and consumable costs related to repairs, repainting, maintenance and protection of your plant and equipment, and minimizing downtime, don’t hesitate to contact us now to learn more about micfil ToughGuard-NHP products.

The micfil NHP ToughGuard-NHP topcoat forms a complex 3D matrix, which leads to an improved protection compared to conventional lacquers.

micfils ToughGuard-NHP base product delivers a high-gloss, hardened finish as standard.

At micfil, however, we are aware of the different surface and operating requirements of our customers. Therefore, based on the same unique, proprietary 3D technology, we have developed a selection of


micfil NHP ACA (Accelerated Cure Additive)

is a patented additive for accelerated drying of NHP in coating applications.

micfil FPX (Fluoropolymer)

is a patented fluoropolymer additive with low surface energy. The FPX additive improves the water, ice, dirt and colour repellency (graffiti) of NHP.

micfil NHP MAA (Metal Adhesive Activator)

is a one-component (1K) adhesion promoter and cross-reinforcer that improves the bonding and cross-linking properties of NHP. It provides excellent hold on acid-etched aluminum and also improves the existing crosslinking density. This results in increased resistance of NHP to chemicals, corrosion, scratches and water.

micfil SFA (Surface Finish Adjuster)

is a patented additive for gloss reduction. This is achieved by a combination of the multifunctional polymers present in the NHP and the nanoparticles of the SFA. The natural gloss of the NHP is reduced to a desired level without negative effects on its physical properties.

Pencil hardness (H, ASTM D3363)
scratch resistance gloss/matt
4 / 8
UV Xenon WOM resistance (%, 4000
h, ASTM G155) gloss retention
≤ 99
Abrasion resistance (mg loss, ASTM
D4060, CS-17, 1 kg, 1000 cycles)
Salt spray (4000 h, ISO 11997) no effect
Chemical resistance (ASTM D1308):
-Sulfuric, Hydrochloric, Sodium Hydroxide & Ammonium Hydroxide Acid (10%)
-Xylene & Isopropyl Alcohol
-Skydrol 500 Fluid (ASTM D6943-A)
-MEK (ASTM 4752)

no effect
no effect
no effect
double rubs
Water immersion (240 h, ISO 2812-2) passed
Humidty (100% RH, 100 °F / 38 °C, 240 h, ASTM D1735-02) no loss of adhesion
Impact Strength (kg/cm, ASTM 2794) 145
Adhesion (cross cut, ISO 2409) 10/10
Flammability: fire retardant & flame spread (ASTM E84 / BS476) class 1 – excellent


  • One-component formulation – save on labor and
    preparation time
  • High surface area coverage (93 m² per 3,8 l)
  • Extends in-service life of newly or highly oxidized painted surfaces.
  • Restores original color and gloss
  • Extreme UV and corrosion resistance
  • High scratch resistance / surface hardness (4H to 8H pencil hardness)
  • Extreme chemical, weather and abrasion resistance
  • Reduces re-painting cycles by 2 – 3 times
  • Acheives lower life-time operating/maintenance costs
  • Helps to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Can be used to coat, e.g., oil and gas tankers, pipelines, lifeboats, cargo ships, epoxy floors, bridges, railway tanks, chemical tanks, heavy duty equipment and anodized aluminium.

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