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Individual systems available on request.

The micfil container system includes all the components necessary for efficient oil and fuel filtering (see list of components).

The system is easy to transport and suitable for very high flow rates. A micfil FB bulk filter is used as filtration element. All connections and control units are accessible from the outside of the container.

Therefore the system can easily and quickly be operated from the outside. Thus, the micfil container system is the perfect flexible solution to save space and to filter large quantites of fuels or oils.

The system will be adapted to your personal requirements and is also available as a mobile tank system (see image).

Please ask for further information.

Example system:
Mobile tank system with tank hoses, fire extinguishing system, water separator (WS1000) and FB Bulk filter (FB600/900/15).


  • Transport container 10ft
  • micfil FB Bulk filter 1000/900/35
  • 35 x replacement filter FE 900
  • Pneumatic tools to open the bulk filter (M36)
  • Chain pull (500 kg) and ceiling lift with 3 m slide
  • Circulation pump 600 l/h
  • Pressure manometer for inlet and outlet
  • Breather for pressure vessel (1“ Ventil)
  • Fuse box in the inside for for heating, light, plug sockets, pumps and compressor
  • All the wiring is done with oil-resistant wires
  • Operation and control box (on the outside – heated, with rain and spray protection) with emergency shutdown (automatic and manual)
  • Power supply
  • Stainless steel 2“ piping with 3“ flange
  • Pipe heating 1 kw
  • APEX lighting (explosion-proof)
  • Lock for container door
  • 3 x 400 V plug sockets (on the outside and/or inside)
  • Fixed compressor with connection on the outside and inside for pneumatic tools

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