The micfil Oil Quality Sensor goes beyond normal protection systems.

It monitors the root cause of lubricant and machine failure, putting the user in control.

You know exactly when to change the oil based on its condition, not on historical schedules. The sensor has about 4500 different types of oil stored. Additionally, new types can be downloaded.

The sensor can be installed as an additional component initially or it is also possible to retrofit existing micfil systems. The oil quality of different systems can then be displayed in real time using a central control unit (see image below).

Using a mobile measurement unit, it is possible to take the sensor to any location. The measurement unit
contains everything that is necessary in order to check the oil quality of a system and to save the results (see image below).

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  • Detect when oil is no longer fit for service
  • Internal processing power offers wide interface options
  • Take action on the first indication of change
  • Multiple and independent sensors can be monitored at a central place with a control unit.
  • Using a mobile measurement unit the oil quality of a system can be checked anywhere at anytime.